Tax Structure

Local Real Estate Tax

1993 Assessment Ratio to Market Value: 35%
Net Effective Tax Rate per $1000 of Assessed Valuation:
Residential/Agricultural 56.323194 
Commercial/Industrial 74.45
Includes: Community, County and School Levies

Other Local Taxes

County Sales Taxes: 6.75%
City Income Tax: 1.0%


Ohio is executing reform that is substantially lowering the cost of doing business in the state with the lowest taxes in the Midwest by 2010.

Reduce operating costs – No tax on inventory or corporate income.
Enhance productivity – No tax on investments in machinery and equipment.
Attract talent – Shrink labor costs through a 21 percent reduction in personal income tax.
Enjoy a level playing field – All companies taxed the same low rate.
Boost return on investment – No tax on products sold to customers outside Ohio.
Reward entrepreneurship – First $1 million of gross receipts are tax-free.

Orrville offers a competitive tax environment as well with low property, sales and income taxes compared to neighboring communities throughout Northeast Ohio. For additional tax information see the links below.

Business Tax Structure
Personal Tax Structure