• Orrville Utilities


The Electric Department of Orrville Utilities consists of the electric generating plant, transmission lines, and distribution lines. Orrville is a Public Power Utility and one of only a few communities in Ohio who still generate their power. As a Public Power Utility, the electric department is community-owned and operated at not-for-profit rates.

The generating station and distribution system provide electricity to over 7,000 customers covering more than 125 square miles in Eastern Wayne County, including Orrville, Marshallville, Dalton, and Kidron areas.

The production department is supported by professional, technical, skilled maintenance, and operating personnel. In the distribution department, highly trained employees are responsible for maintaining over 260 miles of overhead and underground lines and safely handling voltage systems up to 13,800 volts.

The electric division provides the City’s street lighting and other quality services.


The Water Department of Orrville Utilities was formed in 1894 to administer a waterworks for the Village of Orrville. With the continued growth in both industry and population, a decision was made to construct a new water treatment plant capable of taking Orrville well into the future.

The $13 million facility was completed in 1997. The plant is capable of treating 3.7 MGD with current usage of 1.9 MGD with excess capacity of 1.8 MGD. The current water system serves approximately 3,300 residential customers as well as 380 commercial and industrial accounts.


The Wastewater Department of Orrville Utilities serves almost 3,200 homes and more than 380 businesses and industries. The collection system includes 3 lift stations and more than 42 miles of sewer mains, ranging in size from 8 to 42 inches in diameter. The plant is capable of treating 3.2 MGD with current usage of 2.0 MGD with excess capacity of 1.2 MGD.

The staff operates the wastewater plant, maintains the collection system and performs a wide variety of laboratory duties. The employees have a combined 170 years in the wastewater field.

Natural Gas

Dominion East Ohio Gas supplies most of the natural gas to Orrville and the surrounding areas. They are the largest gas distribution subsidiary of Dominion. The company serves more than 1.2 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in 400 eastern and western Ohio communities.


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