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What we are.

The Office of Orrville Economic Development was formally established in September of 2003. Prior to this, we were a loose-knit group with no formal long- or short-term goals or objectives. The Mayor realized as a community we were being reactive instead of proactive when it came to industrial economic development. Thus the Office was formed to be a proactive entity for economic development in Orrville.

Who we are.

We are a partnership between Orrville Utilities and  The City of Orrville.

What we do.

We are the lead industrial development office for the City of Orrville. We work in partnership with the Wayne Economic Development Council, Team NEO and JobsOhio on economic development issues.

Our mission statement is:

To develop, manage, and market opportunities for investment and employment in the City of Orrville.

Long Term Plan.

The Proactive Business Development Plan is our long term plan for The Office of Orrville Economic Development. The plan addresses future industrial growth and development within the City as well as an economic development strategy. The plan also provides guidelines for future physical development.

Quality Growth is defined in our plan as well-planned growth that is consistent with the community resources, community values, and local development standards. The overall purpose of the plan is to take a proactive role in determining how and where future growth occurs.

Short Term Plan.

The OOED will provide leadership in the development and execution of marketing and business development strategies to create new job and business investment. These strategies should guide industry based economic development efforts within the City over the next several years.

The priority of these marketing and business development strategies should be to assist existing businesses in Orrville to become more competitive for future local job creation. A business retention and expansion plan should be prepared for Orrville. A second order priority should be to prepare an action plan to increase new business recruitment and entrepreneurial development within Orrville.


The Office of Orrville Economic Development

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