Diversified Industries

For more than 100 years, Orrville has built a reputation as a flourishing community with a supportive business climate where major corporations, family businesses, and entrepreneurs can start and grow a business in the midst of strategic U.S. market areas. This long-standing focus on successful enterprises include several nationally prominent companies such as The J. M. Smucker Company, Inc. (1897), The Smith Foods Company (1909), Schantz Organ Company (1873), The Will-Burt Company (1918), and The Quality Castings Company, Inc. (1933).

In fact, approximately 20 industries have been operating in Orrville since 1970 or earlier, demonstrating a well-established foundation for successful businesses. Today, new industries continue to call Orrville home, and the City’s companies currently employ more than 4,000 people, who live primarily in Orrville and the surrounding Wayne County area.

Indeed, Orrville offers companies a number of competitive advantages including a skilled workforce with a heritage of a substantial work ethic, perhaps passed down from the pioneering generations who started their farms and small businesses in the area more than 170 years ago and built the City into a prosperous center for commerce.

Orrville, Ohio

Where Commerce and Community Converge